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What is a Pet Portal?

What is a Pet Portal?
A Pet Portal is a service we provide FREE of charge to all clients with an active e-mail address. It’s a quick and easy way to gain online access to your pet’s health information! Use your private pet health website to:
  • Manage your pet’s health care
  • View medication schedules
  • Communicate with us online to update your pet’s information
  • Learn more about your pet’s individual health and life-stage issues
  • Request appointments
How can I get a Pet Portal?
  • On your next visit to us, give the receptionist your e-mail address.
  • Call us on the phone and give us your e-mail address.
  • Click on the Pet Portal
Once you provide us with your e-mail address you’ll receive your personal password by e-mail.
How do I view my Pet Portal?
You view your Pet Portal by visiting our website. Click on the Pet Portal “log-in button” on the home page, and then enter your e-mail address and password to sign in. You must have “cookies” turned on in your browser in order to sign-in. You can bookmark the sign-in page, but not your Pet Portal, since it exists only when you are actually signed in.
Do I need a separate Pet Portal for each pet?
No! Your Pet Portal contains health information for each pet with an active file in your account with us. Remember, in order to have an active account, your pet must have visited our hospital.
How secure is my Pet Portal?
Your Pet Portal resides on a secure server protected by a fire wall. Your personal information cannot be accessed by other Pet Portal users.
Your Pet Portal is created each time you sign in. When you are not signed in, your Pet Portal does not exist. This means that it’s impossible for someone to find and view your account on the open Internet. Only you (and anyone with whom you choose to share your sign-in name and password) can see your pet’s information.