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Annual Health Screens

As part of your pet’s annual vaccination program, we will give your pet a thorough physical exam. This procedure allows us to determine the overall physical health of your pet. It also allows us to examine your pet closely for problems that may be considered breed specific. This simply means that certain breeds of dogs and cats are pre-disposed to certain problems.
For example, if you own a cocker spaniel, you have no doubt at some time dealt with an ear problem. Our physical examination will help alert you to potential problems which may occur. The physical exam, however, does not allow us to determine the overall health of the internal organs. Only a blood screen will do that. This short procedure will detect any liver and kidney problems as well as check for anemia, diabetes, and infections. We recommend this screening for all pets two to seven years of age. If your pet is seven years or older, ask about our senior care program. As in all health evaluations, early detection is the key as it allows for more and better treatment options. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.



Microchip for Peace of Mind

IMG_3208It can happen too fast. Maybe your pet sneaks out when the pizza is delivered, or perhaps he is a tried-and-true escape artist, or even worse – what if a natural disaster strikes? Unfortunately, if your pet gets loose, he could be lost forever. Let us give you peace of mind with an Avid micro-chip today. Then choose registry in the worlds largest database. Make sure your best friend has the backing of AKC Companion Animal Recovery service to ensure he gets home fast.  It only takes a few minutes, but the benefit lasts a lifetime.