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As adorable your dog might be, showing him love and affection is not enough to make sure all of his needs are carefully met. Some of them will need to be taken care of a few times a day, but do not get easily scared; you can do it, you just need to learn the basics if you are thinking about taking home a cute furry friend and make him part of your family. Here are a few of the main tips you are going to constantly keep in mind.

Get The Right Supplies For Your Dog  

Start with getting a collar and a tag which needs to be engraved with your name and phone number in case the dog gets lost. You will need to frequently check the tightness of the collar as your dog grows – being able to slip two fingers between the neck of the dog and the collar should be just enough. A training collar is required for training puppies – they will aid you teach the puppy not to pull the collar while walking him. If you will be travelling with your dog inside your car a lot, get a carrier also to ensure more comfortable rides. Get a leather or nylon leash and make sure they are sturdy and light weighted. Go online and check a few good makes to make your pick easier. And if you need a good clinic to take care of a health problem, click here to get in touch with Unimed specialists.

Get proper food dishes according to the age and size of your dog; keep in mind that the food needs of a dog change when he stops being a puppy. Pick food appropriate for the age and breed of the dog; look at labels and select complete and balanced food and pay close attention to the nutritional value on each bag. Get all the grooming and bathing tips you need using specialized guides online, including information on taking care of his nails, ears, eyes, and teeth.


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