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Brrrrr…it’s cold outside



  •  Pets who are outside in cold weather will need extra calories to keep warm. When the temperature is below freezing, you may need to increase calories by as much as 30%, depending on the pet and housing conditions.
  • Provide your pet with fresh, unfrozen water available at all times. Avoid stainless steel or metal bowls; instead, use heated buckets or bowls.
  • Shivering is a sign your pet is too cold and indicates the start of hypothermia. A shivering pet should be slowly warmed until signs of hypothermia are gone.
  • Make sure doghouses are not too large. A correctly sized doghouse should allow your dog to comfortably lie down and that is it. A doghouse that is too large will not provide proper insulation to keep your dog warm and frostbite on tails and tips of ears can occur in severely cold weather. Preferably, the doghouse will be placed on top of Styrofoam insulation and the dog will have a mat or bed inside the doghouse.