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October 2011


Pet Owner of the Month

I began bringing my pets to Rainbow City Pet Clinic when the Vet I had been using sold his practice and began practicing in Birmingham.  During his transition my cat was diagnosed with cancer.  I needed a local vet who was as caring as my former vet, which I have found. Dr. Drummond provided care for my cat and gave me a few more good years with her. When my cat died, through her care and compassion, Dr. Drummond let me know what to expect and made my loss easier to handle.
Since we are child free our pets ARE our children; when they get sick I worry until they are better or at least have a plan to get them back to good health then I can rest easy. The doctors and staff at Rainbow City Pet Clinic truly care about the health and welfare of my pets. For this reason I will always bring my pets here. The doctors are always caring and willing to go the extra mile to find the solution to a problem. When needed, the doctors will research to find an answer or a path of treatment. Ego has never gotten in the way of referring me to a specialist when necessary.
I remember one incident a few years ago, involving Rocco a kitten we rescued from the Humane Society.  When he was two years old I found a pair of panty hose one morning on the floor that Rocco had gotten during the night; one leg was missing at the panty line.  He had eaten the leg of my panty hose; how he did it is still a mystery.   I brought him to the clinic, told my story and Dr. Drummond looked at me like “really??”   Long story short, after an x-ray and finally surgery Dr. Drummond was able to retrieve my now “expensive” leg from a pair of panty hose! Hahaha!
When you come to Rainbow City Pet Clinic expect a thorough exam with the doctor asking lots of question and giving only the best care possible.— Julia Steapleton