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Cleveland 2 Spring 2014

“When our fur friends get sick, we have no idea how to help. We only know that Rainbow City Pet Clinic can make it better. We have been bringing our pets to Dr. Drummond for many years now. When our sweet Cleveland became ill Dr. Drummond gave him the best care she could provide. When she felt he needed to see a specialist she referred us to Auburn University Small Animal Clinic . While we were there Dr. Sorjonen and his team took excellent care of Cleveland. I could feel that they had a real desire to help him. It felt like an extension of Rainbow City Pet Clinic and we knew we were in good hands.

Our sweet Cleveland lived to a rich age of 21 thanks to the wonderful love and care he received.  We were forever changed when we lost him last May, but during the last several months of his life he showed us so much love. We know with certainty how much he loved and trusted us now.

Cameron 1We think of Cleveland often and we know without a doubt that he was special to everyone at Rainbow City Pet Clinic as well.  Our sweet Cleveland will never be forgotten.

We will always be Sidney 2reminded when we bring our fur babies Sidney and Cameron to Rainbow City Pet Clinic just how much all of our pet’s are loved and cared for.”

—Christi and Chris Robinson