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November 2012

November Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month


“ I originally came to Rainbow City Pet Clinic years ago with my cat Fridgey. As he aged he developed diabetes. With special food and exceptional care, I was able to keep Fridgey off of insulin. When he finally got so sick that I had to make a tough decision that faces many pet owners, everyone at the clinic was so considerate of me and Fridgey. He lived to be 19 1/2 years old, thanks to the wonderful care he received at Rainbow City Pet Clinic. I keep coming back because I know my two doggies will get that same great care.
My pet’s are like my kids…and how often do your kids like to go to the doctor? But my two dogs Punkin and Cash LOVE to visit Rainbow City Pet Clinic. I know there have been times I have been worried or scared about the outcome of a visit, but I know that they are in good hands because Dr. Teresa Drummond is the best vet in Gadsden!
I remember one time my lab Cash cut himself climbing the fence and had to have stitches and wear a “cone” on his head. I wish I had a picture of that because he was so goofy and embarrassed! So over the years I have laughed and I have cried at Rainbow City Pet Clinic, but I keep coming back because I know my pets will always get the best care…it’s just that simple!
– Linda Abel