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November 2011


November 2011

Exceptional Pet Owner

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In May of 2010, I brought my toy poodle Dolly to Rainbow City Pet Clinic because she had a huge lump in her throat that had come up very quickly. I wasn’t aware of how serious it was until Dr. Drummond told me it was Lymphoma– the most common form of cancer in both humans and small animals. She told me without treatment the cancer would spread quickly and Dolly would not survive it.  I was sure we would have to take her to Birmingham, so I was shocked to hear that chemotherapy was available right here at the clinic. Dolly went through 20 sessions of chemotherapy. It has been 1 year and 6 months and Dolly is still with us! We are very Blessed and very grateful for the progress she has made. We never realized how much “fight” Dolly has in her little body. Every time she gets sick she just bounces back. We were worried we were going to lose her but  Dr. Hutchinson calls her a “little fighter”!
The staff at Rainbow City Pet Clinic is always very helpful. I come to the clinic often to purchase special diet foods or pick up medicine. They showed me how to give Dolly her daily fluid therapy to help her kidneys. By teaching me to do this myself at home they have saved me money. In July 2010, lightening struck our house and we experienced a bad house fire. My husband Mike and I rescued our 3 cats and 2 dogs that were in the house. We have no family living in this area so I called Rainbow City Pet Clinic at 1:00am. Dr. Wagner was on call and returned my call immediately. He told me he could meet me at the clinic in “5 minutes”! I was so relieved. They boarded and cared for our pet’s until we found a temporary home.
Our pet’s are part of our family. We now have 6 cats and 2 dogs. We really appreciate everyone at the clinic– Dr. Drummond, Dr. Hutchinson, Dr. Wagner and the whole staff, for taking such good care of our babies and especially our 12 year old “little fighter” Dolly. Everyone at Rainbow City Pet Clinic treats the pet’s they care for as if they were their own. It’s a very clean, friendly, caring place to be! – Sonya Nau