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May 2012

May 2012 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

“I have been bringing my “babies” to Rainbow City Pet Clinic for many years. I do a lot of work with foster pets that I have rescued and I bring them here too. My pet’s are my children and I get very attached even to the one’s I am fostering. I bring them to Rainbow City Pet Clinic because the staff is AMAZING!
I recently had an outbreak of Parvo in a litter of puppies I had rescued. After some diligent work by Dr. Wagner, he was able to save three puppies. These puppies have been placed in very good homes with very proud and thankful parents.
Over the years, I have had to make some difficult decisions concerning my pets. It’s not easy when you have to put a pet down, but I know it’s the right thing when there is a decline in quality of life. The doctors and staff at Rainbow City Pet Clinic have always been very compassionate and caring during this time and on occasion have even met me at the clinic after hours with no hesitation.



I rescue pets to give them the best chance. .. I bring them to Rainbow City Pet Clinic because “ya’ll” are the best”! – Debbie Strawn