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March 2012

March 2012 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month


  “I began coming to Rainbow City Pet Clinic many years ago, with my baby Tad Austin. Over the years Dr. Drummond and her staff took such good care of me and Tad Austin. When ever I brought Tad Austin into the clinic I knew that they were going to do their best to care for him and whenever I got worried or scared they took very good care of me too! When my precious little Tad Austin got really sick they all tried very hard to keep him with me but his tired little body couldn’t take anymore. I am very grateful to both Dr. Wagner and Dr. Drummond for all that they did for Tad Austin.
I was so sad after I lost my baby Tad Austin. Then I found my new baby boy Titus and he helped me through a difficult time. Titus is everything to me. He comes first always! I remember one time when Titus got a hold of some peanuts and ate them. I was really scared because I wasn’t sure if they would hurt him. I called Rainbow City Pet Clinic and they immediately helped me feel calm and not scared. They always answer my questions and put my fears to rest. They take such good care of the pets here I know I would never go anywhere else. They are the BEST and I trust everyone at Rainbow City Pet Clinic!”-
Pat Clay