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Bogey LedbetterJune 2013 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

“ When our schnauzer, Tory, was 10, we got a black Persian cat and named him Bogey. Bogey grew up thinking he was a dog since Tory raised him and doing things such as running to the door to greet us and sitting to be hand fed his treats. Needless to say, Bogey also became a close family member.
For most of his life, Bogey would jerk his head to the side when he was rubbed, but he dearly loved for us to rub him. One day not long ago while petting and rubbing him, Bogey flopped over, jerking and kicking in what appeared to be a seizure. He continued to do this whenever we rubbed him down the back or brushed him. He would also frantically lick a place on his back. I brought him in to see Dr. Drummond and told her that I thought Bogey was having seizures. Dr. Drummond told me that people often bring their cats in describing seizures when it is actually feline hyperesthesia. The exact cause of this condition is unknown but can be provoked by petting or stroking the cat.
Dr. Drummond said that this condition is thought to sometimes be brought about by food allergies and suggested that Bogey have a blood allergy test. I was skeptical at first—it was hard to believe that Bogey’s food could cause such a condition; especially since he only eats his cat food and certain treats and will not touch any other kind of food. I was willing to try anything to help Bogey and stop his torment. Much to my surprise, the test results came back citing four things is allergic to and a list of cat foods which do not contain those ingredients. After trying three of them we found one Bogey (and our other precious cat Bacall) would eat.
I am truly amazed and thrilled. Bogey has not had a “seizure” since we put him on the new food and we rub and pet him as much as we (and he) like.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Drummond and the whole staff for going out of their way to help Bogey. I can’t imagine what Bogey’s life or ours would be like if Dr. Drummond had not had the caring, knowledge and foresight to bring about such a wonderful result”.—Cherie Ledbetter


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