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June 2012

June Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

” I noticed that  Kim didn’t have an Exceptional Pet Owner for the month of June so I thought I better help her out… this time. Most of you know Dr. Teresa Drummond-Rieger as the owner of Rainbow City Pet Clinic and you know that she is a really great doctor but you may not know that she is an awesome MOM! Not just because she saved my life and let me come live with her and sleep inside the house, or because she gave me this great public relations job at Rainbow City Pet Clinic…which by the way I’m really good at, or because she takes me camping in the RV.  My mom has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Some people probably think my mom helps animals because she has to, but I know she does it because she wants to.  She works really long hours and she still has time to help animals without a home.


One time she brought a babydeer to live with us. It was so cool. My mom fed him and took care of him. She let me play with him
too! I love that little Pistol. Then when he got too big she found him a safe home to live at so he wouldn’t be hunted and killed.  We even get to go visit him sometimes.
My mom helps a lot of people in our community,  but she always has time for me and all of my siblings…yea I’m not an only child, I have to share my mom but that’s ok because her heart has enough love for all of us”! – Daisy Rieger 

(dictated to Kim because she won’t let me touch her computer)