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July 2012

July Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

“We chose Rainbow City Pet Clinic because your staff is so nice and professional. Dr. Drummond, Dr. Wagner and Dr. Hutchinson are so courteous and explain all situations concerning our pets so thoroughly. We have had a few memorable incidents with the clinic. Most recently our 16 month old schnorkie Sadie was stung by a wasp. She had an allergic reaction which caused her entire system to shutdown. The staffs quick reaction and Dr. Drummond’s prompt attention to Sadie saved her life. She is doing great now! In 2008 we lost our miniature schnauzer Bentley to cancer. During his illness Dr. Drummond administered various medical procedures which extended his life 2 to 3 years. We are so grateful for that extra time Dr. Drummond gave us with Bentley. We would also like to thank Dr. Wagner for taking special care of Bogie when he developed sensitive stomach issues. Proper medication along with a diet adjustment has allowed Bogie to recover completely and he is doing great!
Our little angels mean so much to us. They are family members. We have told a lot of people with pets to visit your facility because our experiences with you have been so positive. Thank you all so much for being so thorough and professional with not only ours but all your patients pets.”
—Gary and Gail Burchette


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