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February 2013

February Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month


“When I moved to Rainbow City in 2004 it was important for me to find the perfect vet for my pets. Research and several referrals by friends and co-workers brought me to Rainbow City Pet Clinic. Over the years I  learned if there is a way to cure or heal an illness that one of my pets has, Rainbow City Pet Clinic’s doctors and staff make it their top priority to find and treat it. Always kind and smiling they go above and beyond to help. I’ve had dogs and cats for the majority of my life. I can’t imagine my life without fur in it!Jills Crew
In 2011 I rescued an 8 week old  shelter pup named Raven. Little did I know that it was actually she who rescued me! We did everything together including several trips to the beach. She was my best friend, my confidant, my shadow. At age 1 1/2 she began having seizures and Dr. Wagner diagnosed her with epilepsy. Over time and several meds later her condition continued and even worsened along with other symptoms that pointed to a possible brain tumor. Each time I called the clinic the staff and Dr Wagner were quick to help and respond. It didn’t matter the time or the situation they were always helpful and attentive.
jill and Raven 1December 14, 2012 I said goodbye to my best friend. It was a very tough day. The staff was very kind and even Dr. Wagner who no longer worked there, came in to express his condolences. It meant the world to me that they all knew and understood how I felt.  My father once said “how they treat you is a direct reflection of how they care for your animals”. I never have any doubts how my pets will be treated by Rainbow City Pet Clinic.” – Jill Sumners