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February 2012

February 2012 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

“We have been pet owners for many years and have been clients of Rainbow City Pet Clinic for over 12 years. We have a great number of animals with nine dogs and three cats. My wife is constantly rescuing animals and I have long since given up on trying to argue with her about the number of animals that we have. We love them all. Our children have taken up the banner  as well.  We have children in various cities and they still bring their various pets either from Birmingham or Jacksonville back to Rainbow City Pet Clinic , because these are the people they trust with the care of their pets.
I personally have a medical practice and my wife wishes that I could be only one part as compassionate as our three veterinarians, Dr. Drummond, Dr. Wagner and Dr. Hutchinson. They are extremely admirable and the most compassionate people I have ever met. We could site multiple instances where they have helped us, but one that really sticks in our mind is when one of our very large dogs that weighed 170lbs was incapacitated and needed to be euthanized. Dr. Drummond brought her staff to our house, took care of our pet, and removed him on a stretcher. It was the most compassionate act my wife and I have observed and that includes the many years that she and I have both spent in the medical field.
We feel that if humans treated others as well as our veterinarians and their staff  at Rainbow City Pet Clinic treat animals the world would be a much kinder place.”
–  Dr and Mrs. James G. White