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December 2011

December 2011 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

“We have been coming to Rainbow City Pet Clinic for so many years. 18 years ago our cat Grace found us. . She had hitched a ride in the engine of my car while I drove home from work. Not knowing if she had suffered any injury, I brought her to Dr. Drummond… and so our story begins.
Over the years the doctors at Rainbow City Pet Clinic have treated our cats Randy, Mercy and Lexi and our dogs Ritz and Kracker. I always feel that the doctors and staff have our pet’s best interest at heart. Dr. Wagner is currently treating our dog Kracker for Lymphoma. He is already responding to the treatment and Dr. Wagner makes me feel confident that Kracker will survive cancer. My cat Grace has renal disease and the staff helps me to keep her comfortable at home.
Our pets are an important part of our family. As cliché as it may sound, they are faithful companions that give us unconditional love. Grace and Kracker’s illnesses are life threatening and have caused us a great deal of anxiety. The staff and doctors are willing to answer all my questions and have shown great concern and compassion for us and our pets.

I believe my fondest memory is that each time Dr. Hutchinson has seen Kracker he says “He’s a fine dog”. And that he is!
It’s comforting knowing that each time you come to the clinic Kim, Jerrah or Beverly will greet you and treat you, your time and your pet with respect. Dr. Drummond, Dr. Hutchinson and Dr. Wagner will always treat your pet with a wealth of knowledge and care. And technicians like Sue and Bethany make sure to take care of your needs and concerns and will help you take care of your pets.
With choices in veterinary care I know that Rainbow City Pet Clinic has the treatment options available for my pets and that there is always someone available in the office or on call to take care of us.
We are so thankful for all the years Rainbow City Pet Clinic has taken care of our family! “
Joe and Deborah Sanders