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Daisy-Public Relations Expert

My name is Daisy. I live with my mom and dad and I have a great life now. But it hasn’t always been great. I wanna tell you what happened to me but there’s a lot of it I don’t remember. Mom and dad say it was because I was asleep for hours. I do know that I have lots of friends and I usually like everybody. I sometimes fight but I don’t mean to. I remember those bad times of having to fight for everything. But honestly, those memories are going away more every year.
Mom and Dad found me on the side of this dirt road in Double Springs, AL. I was kinda in a daze. I remember that it was all I could do to walk down the side of the road. My back hurt so bad and I couldn’t find my little son. I do remember that orange car come flying by! I was really afraid of cars. Next thing I know, the car turns around. I tried to run into the woods but I just couldn’t make it before one of the humans got a belt on my neck. I fought and fought but just couldn’t do it anymore. I decided I needed to do what they said. I could remember a time when humans helped me a lot.
The rest of my story is pretty graphic and sometimes gory but if you want to read more you can by following my facebook link…click here for the rest of my story.