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November 5 Natalie’s 1st Birthday

November 5 Natalie’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Natalie! We are proud to celebrate Natalie’s 1st Birthday with her and her parents Dr Travis Wagner and his lovely wife Stephanie!


Regular exercise is important to your pet’s health because it burn’s calories and helps maintain muscle tone. It can also help your pet maintain a healthy weight, stimulate your pet’s mind and bring you and your pet closer together by sharing enjoyable activities. You can help your pet stay fit and active by scheduling regular […]

Pet Obesity

Weight loss is tough for anyone—two- or four-legged. However, losing weight and getting in shape not only add years to your pet’s life, but they also make those extra years more enjoyable. Helping your pet shed a few pounds may be easier than you think. It simply requires understanding the importance of weight loss and […]

Cancer Awareness

There was a time when the Vet said ‘your pet has cancer’ and that was that! That’s not the case anymore. There’s a wide range of options available. The outcome? Cures for some pets, long-term remissions for others and, for the rest, a good quality of life for a little extra time. For some pets […]

October is National Pet Wellness Month

Schedule your pet’s wellness exam today! More than likely you visit the doctor and/or dentist at least once a year. Are you doing the same for your pet? Because cats and dogs age quicker than us, taking them to the veterinary hospital once a year is like you going once in five to seven years! […]

October 13- National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Is you pet carrying around a few extra pounds?

November is ASPCA Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior pets need love too!

The Truth About Pet Dental Care

The Truth About Pet Dental Care

For most of us, caring for our teeth and gums has been part of our daily routine for as long as we can remember. Just like it is for you, oral health care is important for pets – regular, professional care from veterinarians and home care from pet owners to keep plaque removed. Daily brushing […]