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August 2012

 August Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month


“We have several pet’s and we love them all.  Rainbow City Pet Clinic  was suggested to us by our old vet in Pell city because our Boston Terrier has Addison’s Disease and we needed someone like Dr. Drummond, who was familiar with the treatment.  We are so happy  we chose  Rainbow City Pet Clinic and Dr. Drummond. Our pet’s have done really well under their care.  When Willie got sick we were so sad and scared. Dr. Drummond didn’t sugar coat anything she made us cautiously optimistic- as humanly possible.  She stayed late at the clinic with Willie and even checked on him during the night. Her and the staff called and kept us updated. When she got Willie semi-stable Dr. Drummond called us and said “I have done all I can for him, I’m not going to tell ya’ll he can for sure be saved, but his best chance for survival is to get him to  Auburn Veterinary Hospital NOW”! We immediately drove to the clinic and got Willie and went straight to Auburn. Dr Drummond faxed his records and called ahead and had the hospital on standby waiting for Willie to arrive. Without a doubt Dr. Drummond’s ability to get outside herself and put her patients first SAVED WILLIES LIFE!!
We do not regret choosing Rainbow City Pet Clinic because Dr. Drummond has assembled “The A-TEAM”.  All the doctors and staff are great and so compassionate and caring; From the girls up front to the technicians in the back. Continuing Education, Big Hearts, Big Smiles and Big Shoulders make difficult situations bearable and a simple visit for treats a pleasure!”
          – Joye and Keith Brown