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April 2013

Sherry 1April 2013 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month


I have been a client at Rainbow City Pet Clinic  for almost 15 years. After my first visit with Dr. Teresa Drummond-Rieger, I knew that she would be our pets doctor forever. This amazing group of people and the love and care they give every patient and how dedicated they are to their work, is what keeps our lil pack coming back to them for our fur babies care. About a week ago our latest rescue addition Lucy, which was thrown from a car window, had to go in for a 2nd ultrasound ( little did we know in the beginning she was pregnant) she had been in labor for almost a week. We saw Dr. Megan Green who did the ultrasound and exam and hospitalized Lucy to prepare for her babies. As the day progressed, Lucy did not get any closer to delivering on her own and ultimately required an emergency C-section. I was so very worried about the stress her tiny little body was going thru from the trauma she had originally suffered.  The doctors did EVERYTHING possible to save the tiny babies, but because of the trauma that their mama went through the puppies didn’t survive. ALL attention was turned to Lucy and her safety and well being.Sherry 2
I will NEVER be able to say thank you enough to the doctors and staff that saved this precious life!!! Everyone was so kind to me and even grieved with me over the loss of the 6 tiny, precious  puppies. Lucy got to come home very late that day but they NEVER left her side and I know that Lucy could NOT have been in any better care than with these loving people. I have many rescue animals that come through my doors and ultimately find their forever homes. Each and every one of these babies have a story and all are very sad but the first trip we make is to Rainbow City Pet Clinic to get a well check by their EXCELLENT doctors!  I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for loving care for their fur babies. They are truly a loving, dedicated group of people!!!! Thank you Rainbow City Pet Clinic  for all you do for my babies.” – Sherry Gidley