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April 2012

April 2012 Exceptional Pet Owner of the Month

“I first came to Rainbow City Pet Clinic because it was convenient. I had found a stray lab mix that I call Rex. He was covered in ticks and had multiple intestinal parasites. When I brought him in the doctors and stafftook great care of him. I really appreciate the fact that the doctors make themselves available to you when you need them. One weekend Rex chewed on an antifreeze bottle.  I called the clinic’s emergency number and the doctor called me back immediately. That quick response put my mind at ease.

When my small dog Zac was diagnosed with heartworms I was very worried about him and the treatment he would require. The doctors and staff educated me about heartworm disease and the preventatives available. The doctors took very good care of him and he is doing well now. All my dogs are on prevention now and doing well. In an unrelated incident Zac had a paralysis issue.  I was very pleased that the doctors took the time to research and call upon specialists for help with the case.
Yes, I came to Rainbow City Pet Clinic because it was convenient…but I keep coming back because the doctors and staff provide genuine compassionate care”.—Dr. Sharon Haynes